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Michael A Hamilton
Associate Director


Phone: (601) 619-5133

Michael A Hamilton Photo

Dr. Michael A. Hamilton is an Associate Director at Mississippi State Institute for System Engineering Research (ISER) in Vicksburg, MS. He received his Doctorate, Master and Bachelor degrees in Industrial and Systems Engineering from Mississippi State University and has a graduate certificate in Modeling, Simulation, and Visualization Engineering from Old Dominion University. He also received two certifications in Big Data Analytics from University of California, San Diego and Data Science from John Hopkins University. He worked several years in the printing manufacturing industry where he served in numerous positions such as a Manufacturing Engineer, Global Expansion Engineer, and the Manager of Production Operations for the Memphis Division at Mimeo.com.

While attending Mississippi State, Dr. Hamilton developed in-depth research in the effects of obesity in assembly manufacturing and minimizing disruption of freight and passenger flow in the event of terrorist attacks or natural disasters. He has also participated in sponsored research by the Office of Naval Research (ONR) investigating the effects of ship motion on human performance aboard the Littoral Combat Ship, developing human performance algorithms to minimize the effects of motion, fatigue, and temperate on board ship platform, evaluating the Ammunition Canister Protection for the MRAP MATV, and the ETOWL Lightening the Warfighter Load for the Marines Expeditionary Warfighter Squad.

Currently, he is the technical lead for Big Data Analytic and Visualization, and Surrogate Modeling efforts in conjunction with the U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC).
Research Interest:
Modeling and Simulation
Human Systems Engineering
Physical Ergonomics
Data Science
Big Data Analytics
Data Visualization
Augmented and Virtual Reality

Selected PublicationsTotal Publications by Michael A Hamilton:  18 
Hamilton, M. A., Jaradat, R. M., Jones, P. B., Wall, E. S., Dayarathna, V., Ray, D., & Hsu, G. (2018). Immersive Virtual Training Environment for Teaching Single and Multi-queuing Theory: Industrial Engineering Queuing Theory Concepts. 2018 ASEE Annual Conference and Exposition. Salt Lake City, UT.

Hamilton, M. A., Jaradat, R. M., Wall, E. S., Jones, P. B., Ray, D., & Dayarathna, V. (2018). Learning Industrial Engineering Concepts with Immersive Virtual Reality Experiences. Industrial and Systems Engineering Conference. Orlando, FL.

Hamilton, M. A., Jones, P. B., & Wall, E. S. (2018). Using Virtual Reality for Decision Reduction Visualizations of Large Datasets. Industrial and Systems Engineering Conference. Orlando, FL.

Hamilton, M. A. (2017). Using Immersive Virtual Reality Technologies with Non-Haptic Control for Big Data Visualizations and TradeSpace Analytics. Defense Manufacturing Conference. Tampa Convention Center, Tampa, FL.

Jaradat, R. M., Hamilton, M. A., Ashour, O., & Ma, J. (2017). Virtual Reality Implementation to Improve Systems Thinking Skills - An Engineering Education Case Study. Industrial and Systems Engineering Conference. Pittsburg, PA.