Research Areas

ERS Manufacturability Metrics
Larry Dalton

Purpose: To understand the aspects of designs' manufacturability by developing an assessment methodology targeted for use assessing system designs for the DoD lifecycle acquisition process. This methodology will assist design teams with assessing and improving manufacturability of product design.

ISER Effort: Phase II of the ERS Manufacturability Metric seed effort. Working with MSU CAVS-E and DoD organizations, as well as provide ERS representation to the DMDI Institute and Model Based Engineering (MBE) community.

Partner Organizations: MSU, DMDI Institute, MBE, MBSE, AMRDEC, TARDEC


  • Development of the initial version of the assessment methodology with descriptions of anchoring factors for quantitative and qualitative metrics
  • Application of the methodology within focused pilot areas
  • Submit and publish a research conference paper, as well as a conference presentation (e.g. IEEE, MORSS, NDIA, etc.)
  • ERS manufacturability roadmap
  • Collaboration with and feedback from DMDI Inst, AME, and MBE